Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is the first application of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology removes the need for trust in a third party for people to transact. This opens many opportunities for new business models based around this theme of a ‘trustless’ system.

From our perspective, our core technology focus is blockchain technology as it is the most disruptive technology since the internet causing paradigm shifts across industries from payments, to stored value, to gambling to the wider financial industry from hedge funds to Over the counter derivatives trading.

We believe in blockchain. In 2013-2014 our Founder Adam Vaziri with others set up the UK Digital Currency Association to lobby the UK government to remove VAT on bitcoin transactions and create a pragmatic non-interventionist environment for digital currencies.

We set up to track the evolving landscape of digital currency regulation.

Blockchain is going to change a generation of fintech/gamtech entrepreneurs and – at Diacle – we have the expertise, know-how and experience to help you Design, Develop and Deploy your innovative or disruptive blockchain idea. Whether that be building a bank on the blockchain, creating decentralised digital exchange markets, to smart contracts for share settlement, we can assist.


Bitlegal is a site we set up to track the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulation.

UK Digital Currency Association

The UK Digital Currency Association was one of the first associations set up to represent the digital currency industry. It supported the reversal of VAT on bitcoin in the UK and more broadly in the European Union. It worked with UK Treasury on the development of a regulatory environment for digital currencies allowing for self-regulation to thrive.